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This SEG Picture Frame’s visible metal boarder delivers a decorative look with a contemporary edge.

Narrow frame depth and lightweight assembly via L brackets and screws make this SEG frame a delightful way to display printed fabric artwork. Choose from our Modern Bronze or Satin Silver finishes to complete the look 

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Minimum size:  12” x 12” 

Maximum size: 72” x 72” in Landscape or Portrait orientation

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BaseTex is a general-purpose, printable & semi-opaque fabric with a smooth appearance and minimized texture. It’s printed colors are stunningly brilliant and the fabric is machine washable. It’s bright white point and foldable nature make it the ideal fabric for most printed and unprinted cover needs.

BarrierTex is a 100% “self-opaque” printable fabric with a reverse- side black coating that eliminates any see-through tendencies present in most fabrics. This complete opacity, both printed and unprinted, eliminates the need for liners or secondary layers of fabric and is ideal for situations where internal framework needs to be completely hidden from view. BarrierTex also has good white shade and can be folded.

Gasket Edge - is an edge finished with a thin silicone strip or similar material (also known as a gasket) around its perimeter, creating a silicone edge graphic (SEG) cover. A gasket edge can be applied to printed or unprinted fabrics. Moss Select offers various gasket sixes to match the need of your frame (see below).

Raw Cut Edge - is an 'unfinished' edge to a printed or unprinted fabric. The edges are cut to the measurements specified on your order without any additional finishing added.

12mm x 1.5mm - is a special “thin gasket” that is uncommonly used and only required on AGAM FH type frames. Customers should change the default gasket to this thinner gasket if they have this Agam FH type of unique frame.

12mm x 2.5mm - is the most common gasket used as it works in the vast majority of SEG type frames. This will be the default gasket used by Moss for all fabrics (BaseTex, BarrierTex & Stretch Glow) in all standard SEG frames (Moss SEG frames and other SEG frames).

12mm x 3.6mm - is a special sized gasket used with Moss EZ Fabric Wall Systems® because of its patented Offset Groove technology.  This special SEG groove allows SEG fabric and velcro attached hard panels to be used on the same frame. Customers should change the default gasket to this thicker gasket if they are applying the SEG panel in any fabric to a Moss EZ Fabric Wall Systems®

Two finishes available for this frame with a visually striking 35mm wide border around your SEG graphic.

Satin Silver is sleek and clean, subtly catching light and playing to the visual attraction of your graphic.

Modern Bonze’s rich immaculate patina speaks to senses of timelessness, strength and endurance associated with bronze.

Small frame brackets that nest into the rear of the frame are included for wall mounting

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