• Dye-sublimated Graphic

  • Silicone Edge Finishing

  • Rapid Installation Process

Moss Photo Fabric ® printed SEG graphic, is defined as an unprinted or dye-sublimated printed fabric finished with a thin silicone strip or similar material (also known as a gasket) on its perimeter. The gasket strip is stitched directly to the edge of the fabric on all four sides, creating a cover that is then inserted into any type of framework that has a receptive recessed groove or channel. The size of the SEG graphic must be exact so the fabric is taut when installed in the framework. The result is a portable, compact soft signage solution that mimics the appearance of rigid panels commonly found in displays and environments.

SEG Fabric
Charts Moss Select Fabric

*All Moss Select Fabrics are certified flame-retardant (see details above) and REACH compliant for sustainability. Click below to download Full FR Certificates.

All SEG Fabric panels are manufactured to customer specified custom sizes in height x length units of measure between a minimum and maximum size:

Minimum Size

is 10” high x 10” long. This is the smallest an order can be entered.

Maximum Size

is 20’ high x 50’ long (240” high x 600” long). This is the largest an order can be entered. Note that paneling is required when the smallest of the two dimensions (height & length) is greater than 120”. See below for paneling details.

Paneling is needed when the size of the product exceeds the maximum width of the textile (printed & unprinted) of 120”. As such, when the smaller of the two dimensions ordered (height or width) exceeds 120”, two fabric panels are sewn together to provide the finished product ordered size.

The Moss Select graphics and sewing teams are experts at paneling graphics and do all the work for you. Just order the product size desired, supply the artwork (if printed) and Moss Select takes care of the rest.

Moss Select panels seams will always be located in the center of the image and will run perpendicular to the smallest of the two dimensioned sides. In the Moss Select ordering process, panel direction and location will be previewed prior to finalizing the order. Customers not happy with the Moss Select default panel location always have the option to switch to Moss’s Full Service product offering where they can work with a Moss Project Manager and get a custom panel solution (higher fees will apply).

Printed SEG

Printed SEG Seam Portrait Version
Printed SEG Seam Landscape Version

White Unprinted SEG

Paneling Seam Portrait Version
Paneling Seam Landscape Version

Moss Select currently offers two choices in finishing your fabric (Gasket Edge and Raw Cut Edge). Moss Select will assign a default gasket to the SEG fabric order as it is being placed and show it as a modifiable field on the ordering page. Customers should adjust the gasket size if they are using the SEG Fabric on a non-standard frame as described below.

Moss Select gives gasket edge options in THREE different size types (width x thickness):

Finishing Gaskets

Moss Select prints textiles using the latest in dye sublimation transfer printing technology and equipment. In Transfer dye-sublimation printing, Moss Select prints the image to transfer paper and then with carefully controlled heat and pressure, sublimates the image into the textile yarns. This process yields the absolute best in beautiful and permanent colors and fine detailed images. This dyeing process embeds the image in the fabric, rather than just having inks printed on the surface (for example, like ink jet UV printing). Images dyesublimated inside the fabric yarns themselves won’t fade, crack or scratch even after multiple washings or surface treatments. Dye sublimated graphics are extremely damage resistant and have a long life making them the ideal print solution for soft signage and silicone edge graphic (SEG) needs.

Moss Select pioneered the development of dye sublimation printing into textiles and continuously innovates and improves it’s proprietary processes. It employs painstaking process controls and redundancies to assure exact color consistency and 100% reliable production. Moss Select has the greatest capacity in digitally printing sublimated textiles housed within multiple facilities having geographic diversity so to be able to handle any size job with the fastest turn around.

Continuous UV light exposure does effect all fabric materials and all pigments in dyes. Fabrics and flags used outdoors will degrade, usually after several months, as a result of UV and other weather exposure variables. This means that prolonged use of dye sublimated fabrics outdoors will significantly reduce the life of your fabric product. However, short term use of dye sublimated fabric products outdoors (under several months) is common.

Also, typical indoor applications do not result in prolonged UV exposure so UV is usually not an issue for indoor applications.

To preserve your dye-sublimated graphics, it is recommended that outdoor use be limited to short duration (under several months) or in areas without excessive heat and UV exposure for long periods of time. Due to the variable nature of weather and UV exposure, dye-sublimated graphics being used outdoors or in other continuous UV exposure settings are not guaranteed against fading or other damages.

Textiles used by Moss Select are Polyester based and generally can be cared for similarly to any synthetic fabric. Some textiles, especially those used in back lit applications, may have special fabric treatments and may require special care. For complete textile care instructions, please download the Fabric Care Information Sheet below.

Your SEG graphic in specially engineered to fit the SEG frame tightly to produce a clean, crisp look. The best procedure for installing the graphic is to go to each corner and fully install both gasket sides of each corner into the frame leaving all the middle sections free. After the corners are all installed, then finish the installation by fitting all the middle gasket sections into the frame. For more infomation, please download the SEG Fabric Installation Instructions below.





SEG frames are designed with a channel to accept fabric graphics having a silicone strip or similar material (also known as gasket) sewn along the perimeter. This SEG (silicone edge gasket) system of displaying graphics has become a popular standard because of its very clean look and the exceptional ease of graphic installation and changeout.




Extrusion Chart

Moss Groove – Tension Lock™

A premium frame built for medium to large applications across a wide range of uses. It utilizes strong aluminum extrusions and a patented two-part, fully enclosed Tension Lock™ corner connection.

L plate corner

These frame types are a value offering ideal for small to medium wall hanging applications. They use lighter weight aluminum extrusions and L plate corners with screws.

Groove Corner
  • No Loose Parts
  • High Rigidity
  • Easiest Assembly
L Plate Corner
  • Low Cost
  • Simple Installation
  • Guaranteed Fit

Moss Groove – Hidden Z Cleat

The Moss Groove frame type uses a minimum of 2 heavy-duty Z cleats to attach to the wall. This holds the frame very securely with the cleat hidden from view.

Slim Frame, Adaptaframe, Picture Frame – Hang Bracket

These frame types use lighter duty hanging brackets (minimum 2 with additional for larger sizes) that screw-affix to the underside of the top frame member and are hidden from view.

Hidden Z Cleat
  • Hidden Attachment
  • Strong and Secure
  • Adjustable Horizontal Position
  • Low Cost
  • 100% Hidden From View
  • Easy To Install

The strong and secure Moss Groove frame type is used in hanging applications with thru bolt style eyebolts with many times the strength rating necessary to hold the relatively light weights of tension fabric structures. Two 5/16” eyebolts are installed on hanging frames less than 193” wide and three for frames greater than 193” wide.


The Moss Groove frame type with its rigid Tension Lock™ corner is an ideal frame for flat freestanding applications. Baseplates with baseplate anchor posts are designed to assure frame verticality on even the largest sizes. 400mm wide oval baseplates will be provided with freestanding frames under 72” tall. 600mm wide baseplates will be provided with freestanding frames from 72” to 120” tall.


Watch this quick creative file upload tutorial that shows you how to upload your graphics, name your project, pre-flight check and final order approval before checkout.

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